Client: a RF wire-free charging technology company

Our client is a pioneer in RF wire-free charging technology space and has an ecosystem of wireless transmitters and receivers. See how Metron built a real-time device data collection and analytics system for them

Business goal

Analyze and manage wireless power delivery and present real-time metrics to administrators


Implemented an extremely low-latency and seamless integration between devices and backend


The hardware integration and real-time metrics collection and analysis were done using Nodejs, Angularjs, and Mongodb


System monitors power delivery and tariff metrics real-time and sends control instructions to manage power delivery

The scalable architecture manages large scale data collection and analytics for the geographically distributed wireless power delivery system which deliver power to dynamically associated receivers

It provides real-time drill down views and performance metrics for administrators


Engineered the system to provide a device-server latency of just 20-50 milliseconds down from the 5 seconds on the legacy application