Honorable mention at the ServiceNow knowlegde17 Hackathon

The Metron team - Anthony and Jegan - attended the knowledge17 conference in Orlando this year. There was a hackathon on one of the conference days and Jegan decided to participate. Our team did quick thinking on the spot - from deciding the topic to executing the idea.

For coming up with something innovative and for staying true to the spirit of a hackathon, we won an honorable mention.

Here's a quick Q&A with Jegan on his experience at the hackathon.

What were the topics given?
There were 3 categories and we had to choose a topic ourselves from any one of the following categories 1. Business Solution 2. Innovation 3. Social Good

What did you pick and why?
I chose "Service On Demand" from the Business solution category. The reason I chose that is to prove that the service-now platform has all the built-in functionalities to deliver a medium size project in 8 hours. Also the software takes care all kind of On-Demand services (Eg. Taxi Booking, Courier Pick-up, etc.,). In addition, I wanted to showcase the voice navigation which can help blind people use Service now through voice navigation.

What did you build?
I built an online portal "Service On Demand" which can avail On-Demand services. Also added a voice navigation functionality which helps blind people use Service now platform through voice.

What Technology stack did you use?
I used some of the thrid party APIs such as Google Speech and Google Maps. Technologies used: AngularJS, Jquery, UI Macro, UI Pages, ACL, Jelly script, Javascript and workflows.

How did you use ServiceNow? Which release did you use?
The Service-now creatorcon team had provided an instance on the spot with the latest release - istanbul.

What was powerful about the platform?
Everything is in one platform. I mean we can use service-now platform for ITSM, ITOM, ITBM, Application development, Security, CSM and HR.

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