SANDBOX: PART 2. What is important when building a POC?


The key thing is to be able to build such MVP demos rapidly, with a minimum of fuss, intelligently focused on highlighting the value proposition, and requiring a mature development team which understands the business aspect of the initiative well enough that they are fully capable of devolving your vision statement into a practical minimal demo of the value proposition sandbox within just a few weeks.

Who understand it well enough that they can actually help in the decision processes of intelligently scoping the POC to maximize the value proposition and spit out and implementation in just a few weeks. This balance of skills is what Metron specializes in and is the true value of Metron’s Sandbox service.

The selection of the scope of what should be included/implemented is a very important skill and a bit of a creative art. Even experienced entrepreneurs need guidance and creative suggestions on how to selectively decide scope in a way that the maximum potential is brought out. Not so much because they don’t understand the product they are building – they obviously do, much better than us … but because rapid POC development is very different from formal product development. It is not like starting from requirement #1 and plod toward requirement #1000. A very very different approach.

Given a short time frame of weeks, there is much towards central MVP value that can be achieved in place of much that doesn’t need to be done. Identifying which is which and coming up with a scope that gives maximum bang for the buck … we are very good at that and help you through the process.



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