Our team brings together strong, diverse experiences and stellar credentials.

Past workplaces: Bell Labs, Yahoo, Netflix, Oracle, Deloitte, Amazon, Ericsson, AstraZeneca, Lexbridge, American Capital, Quikr, Logitate, MediaOcean, Nikon, Renishaw, Tetrahedrix, and more.

Educational backgrounds: M.S (Computer Science) - University of Texas, B.S. (Finance) - University of Maryland, M.S. (Electrical Engineering) - Texam A&M University, M.S. (Mechanical Engineering) - Texas A&M University, B.A.- Georgetown University, MBA - Indian School of Business

Industry experience: Software engineering, CAD/CAM modelling, Consulting, Investment Banking, Healthcare, Ed.Tech, Fin.Tech, Private Equity and Venture Capital, Product startups, and others

Anthony Vendhan, Founder

Anthony is hands-on and personally engages with every client at PoC level and also leads the ServiceNow practice. He was an early employee at Netflix where he was primarily responsible for building their backend system and scaling to manage Netflix's hyper-growth. Anthony founded Jighi, predictive analytics platform and the technology was acquired by Cisco's emerging analytics group. Anthony has also built scalable systems and applications for ecommerce companies. At Yahoo, Anthony created data mining innovations, intelligent dashboard and predictive algorithms.

He also worked as a software engineer at Oracle, and an early employee at Zhone Technologies, a telecom firm that raised $500 million in series A. Anthony has extensive experience working in the valley. Anthony graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Anna University, India.

Sanjay Bhat, CTO

Sanjay ensures every product built by Metron is built for scale. He has over 20 years of experience and is still very hands-on. He has experience building scalable consumer and business applications which include mobility and geolocation solutions such a local delivery, classifieds, search technology and optimization, online education technology, and speech recognition.

He was previously CTO of TutorVista, ed-tech company funded by Sequoia Capital which was acquired by Pearson for $200M. He was also the first CTO of Quikr, an India-based hyperlocal classified portal which raised $346M.

Sanjay also worked with Amazon, Centrata and Ericsson in the US. Sanjay has a BE in Chemical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, India and MSc in Computer Science from University of Texas, Arlington.

Prashant Koirala, Growth and Expansion

Prashant primarily focuses on the growth, launching new practice areas and ventures as part of the technology studio. He co-founded Venturesity, an education and recruiting platform to connect technology companies to talent - hosted 100+ hackathons and online challenges for companies including Dell, Oracle, Amazon and Sequoia Capital. Prashant also headed Sleepcare, a healthcare firm under Acuitas Partners.

Prashant worked with FOCUS, a DC headquartered middle market investment bank as a founding member of the education and digital media group and American Capital (NASDAQ: ACAS), a $23 billion private equity fund. Prashant was founding director of Entrepreneurial Partnership of Greater Washington (EPGW), a non-profit focused in building entrepnuers in the inner city of Washingtion DC. Prashant graduated with a B.S. in Finance from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Parag Patwardhan, Architecture

Parag is a principal architect and is primarily engaged in designing products and leading our proof-of-concepts (PoCs) efforts. Parag is an experienced architect, full-stack engineer, and is technology agnostic. He has built startups where he built the entire product – architecture and coding. He has built frameworks in React.js and has deep expertise in developing high-performance 3D CAD/CAE applications.

Parag has worked with several companies including Nikon, Renishaw, and Tetrahedrix. Parag has a Master of Science in computational mechanics from Texas A&M University.

Jay Katyal, Sales

Jay drives early engagement with clients and manages Metron’s partners. He has over 20 years of experience in sales and business development. He has experience in security, healthcare, telecommunication and healthcare services industry. He is experienced in collaborating with both the commercial sector as well as government agencies in US.

Jay founded an IT security and technology support firm based in Northern Virginia. He was formerly VP of Sales at Ikoya, EVP of Sales at E.L.S.Communications Inc and sales manager at Netaxs. Jay graduated from Bachelors of Arts from Georgetown University.

Parikshit Deshpande, Consulting & Marketing

PD drives Metron’s digital growth and plays a key role in launching new practice areas. Parikshit worked as a consultant in Deloitte’s healthcare technology group in Boston and later with AstraZeneca. He has worked closely with clients in the provider, payor, diagnostic labs, and pharma space. For the past few years, he has focused on digital marketing and ecommerce.

Parikshit also founded a technology startup focused on building hyper-local communities for local discovery based on geo-fencing technology. Parikshit has an MS in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University and an MBA from Indian Business School.

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