Client: Strategy Consulting firm serving Telecom

Our client is a Telecom and Media focused global strategy consulting firm. Metron worked with them to implement their algorithm-driven route planning and fiber optimization software for 5G telcos

Business goal

Build algorithm-driven network planning and optimization software for large telecom providers to enable 5G and fiber planning


Implemented a proprietary optimization algorithm in a cloud environment with parallel processing for super-fast optimization


The core optimization was developed in Java. Other technologies used include Apache Storm, AWS, Nodejs, Angularjs


Handled large datasets: Utilized entire US geospatial data on all households and businesses, road segments, fiber routes, network equipment, census blocks, and other marketing data

Fast computation: Computationally intense algorithms to plan fiber routes, determine coverage, and generate reports; completed optimization for the whole of US in just 5 days

Distributed processing: Architected the solution which utilized large datasets to run on distributed parallel processing clusters in the cloud


This cloud based solution shortened the timeframe for completing the processing by 70% and drastically cut down computational costs

Implemented the optimization algorithm to run on AWS clusters. The fiber route optimization and report generation for the entire US - all households and all businesses – was completed in 5 days using 40 AWS instances